The Italian Gaming Lab is headed by professor Camilla Zamboni, and usually connected with the ITAL / CGST 220: Italian Gaming Lab course. Every time the class is offered, the creative team within the Italian Gaming Lab changes.
Therefore, every game is marked with the name(s) of the creative team and the year of production.
Below you will find a list of students / faculty involved with the Italian Gaming Lab, divided by year.

Hannah Berman ’21
Dean Bogner ’24
Casimir Fulleylove-Golob ’21
Camilla Zamboni, Instructor and Faculty Advisor

Bobby Bourque ’23
Cara Blumstein ’20
Ariel Deutsch ’21
Remi French ’20
Sarah Hale ’22
Taylin Hunter ’21
Emily McDougal ’22
Ludovica Romano, Foreign Language Teaching Assistant
Camilla Zamboni, Instructor and Faculty Advisor